The choking smoke from the Riverton City dump has spread throughout Kingston and St Andrew, and as far as Spanish Town in St Catherine.

Watch the video below:

ST ANDREW, Jamaica – Several asthmatic students at the Holy Childhood High School in St Andrew have reportedly fallen ill, while others have fainted due to heavy smoke now hovering above sections of the Corporate Area and St Catherine, from the fire at the Riverton City Landfill.

The school shut its doors Friday morning and sent students home.

Meanwhile, students from the Edith Dalton James High and George Headley Primary schools could be seen making their way back home as early as 8:15 this morning.

The fire, which started Wednesday afternoon, has formed a thick blanket of smoke across sections of Kingston and St Andrew and parts of St Catherine, with OBSERVER ONLINE receiving reports of it stretching as far as St Thomas.

Yesterday the NSWMA reported that the fire had been contained, however, the Jamaica Fire Brigade said that the fire had grown twice in size to approximately five acres.


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