Last month US General John Kelly, Commander of the United States Southern Command issued a warning that about 100 individuals from several Caribbean and South American countries including Jamaica have joined ISIS and were returning to the region.

There may be some truth to his claims.

A 16-year-old Jamaican boy was intercepted in Suriname yesterday after immigration officials suspected that he was heading to Turkey to join the terrorist organization known as ISIS.

Suriname police in a statement said the teenager arrived at the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport on a flight from Jamaica, intending to transit to the Netherlands, from where he would travel to Turkey.

“He was denied entry to Suriname because we received information from a regional intelligence service that he wanted to join ISIS,” the police said, without revealing the teenager’s identity.

According to the statement the boy was questioned and a decision was made for him to be transported back to Jamaica on the next available flight.

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