Remember that video of those two girls I posted a few days ago? The one of them cursing about their sex recordings going viral on social media.

Well, Paparazzi Jamaica is only familiar with one of the females who goes by the name of Michii on social media. She is the one seen wearing the blue hair, mouthing off the most about their 3 some filled sex life. While the second unnamed female (B) chimed in every now and then, confirming their wild freaky antics on the coast of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Well, I heard that the family of female B has now gotten the Police involved. Per sources, this could be a possible rape case. It’s alleged that the second female, was drugged and did not know the unidentified man in the video.

The girl allegedly told her aunt that she was unaware of what took place that night in the hotel when she was recorded performing oral sex on Michii in a 3 some.

We also heard that Police is asking for the whereabouts of the female A to take her in for questioning. Female B also allegedly told members of her family that she cannot recall if they used a condom.

SMH, no one says you cannot live your life as you please, but at least be smart about. Come to think of it, female B looked kinda “slow” .

 She definitely did not look 100% normal.


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