Jamaican Girl Throws SHIT on Her 3 Attackers In The Waterhouse Area!

Shocking story wagging on the tongues of people in the community of Waterhouse….its alleged that these four girls had an altercation with another girl and it seems like its the norm for them to combine their FECES as a customary means to throw on their enemy

But that ongoing feud with that other girl in question had calmed down to a level where it didn’t transpire, it ended up that the feud became an internal thing between the four girls where all three turned against the one in the RED and Black outfit, they all attacked her recently but luckily she was the one who stored the combined FECES so she DOUSED all Three of her one time friend with the matter


“So this chic saved the shit just in case… Dwl”

“So gal Tek dem time an a mix up shit… But a mad bloodclaat ppl dem yah.”

“It obvious as to who fa yard de shit pan did a store:ngakak

This shitty friendship ended in style”


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