“wow !! Mr Chad Mcfayden , I’ve been showing you love and I found it being real in a very happy place. We’ve done each other favours there’s NOTHING that I’ve done that you didn’t do the SAME !!! The entire face book have seen us grow together ,laughing together ,and would assume us showing love together .

“BUT FOOLISH ME didn’t know it was all about the game as my mother would say young love and here you are seeking green card DWL you fooled me well.”

Reminiscing on the day your mom took us to get rings DWL planning to get married soon ,But here God comes revealing crazy conversations of you and your mother ,I hope you two perish in the guts of hell and me finding out your little secrets this is how you want to repay me.

She was someone who I looked up to and respected,allegedly she was the BIG WITCH behind all this . You got nude pics of us up but I wouldn’t do the same to you,thank god I cried (NO) the night when you wanted to f**k me in my ass probably the entire world would know about it too.

Yes you belittled my pride but you also lower your standards and your class,the world now knows that you’re ONE BIG CHEAP STINKING ASS FREAK WITH NO QUALITIES!! I guess you didn’t have second taught about revealing my character but you’re ONE NICE WRAPPED BOX OF SHIT and I will see you in court”






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