The St Mary police are searching for a man responsible for the chopping death of a man and the injuring of another in Stewart Town ,St Mary on Tuesday night, May 2.

The deceased has been identified as 23-year-old Jovane Simms, a labourer of Comma district in Mango Valley.

Simms’ male cousin, who was also attacked, is in serious condition at hospital.

The incident occurred along the highway in Stewart Town at around 7 pm.

Reports are that Simms and his cousin were on their way home from work in the Stewart Town area, when they were pounced upon by a machete wielding man.

An alarm was raised when residents observed the two men being chased by the man with the machete.

Simms, who had a physical disability that impaired his mobility, was not able to run from his attacker. He received chop wounds to both sides of his neck, leaving it partially severed, and died on the spot.

Simms’ cousin was later found on the main road suffering from chop wounds to his head that fractured his skull; his left arm was partially severed. He was rescued by a passing motorist and taken to hospital.

The attacker fled the scene.

A police source told Loop News that residents indicate that they do not know the attacker and it is not clear why he attacked the two cousins.

However, the police are following several leads to locate the attacker.


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