Antonio Perkins, 28, is shot multiple times during live broadcast on the streets of Chicago
Antonio Perkins, 28, was horrifyingly gunned down while filming himself on Facebook Live, and police are investigating what happened.

Perkins was all smiles while he recorded himself in a live broadcast on the social media site. He is seen drinking and hanging outside in his Chicago neighborhood. Minutes into the video, however, Perkins looks out of the frame and says, “Boy, stop playin.” Then there are about a dozen shots.

After the shots, the cellphone falls to the ground, briefly showing bloodied grass. Screams can heard for someone to call the police.

Chicago police confirmed the authenticity of the video, and identified Perkins as the victim who was pronounced dead after the shooting.

Perkins, whose mother says was loved by many people, was just promoted at McDonald’s. Friends say he was not the gunman’s target and had no gang affiliation, however, police say Perkins served two years in prison for making heroin.

Sadly, Perkins’ death is not a first for his family. His brother was reportedly gunned down several years ago.


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