Jamaican Man Kills Twin babies And His Girlfriend’s Father Before Committing Suicide
A Jamaican man shot and killed his twin daughters and girlfriend’s father before committing suicide in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday.

The dead gunman has been identified as 28-year-old Gawain Wilson. The others killed have been identified as twin babies Hayden and Kayden Hiatt, and 49-year-old Travis James Hiatt.


Wilson’s girlfriend, Megan Hiatt, was critically injured in the shooting and is now recuperating in hospital.

The Jacksonville police reported that they got a call that shots had been fired and arrived to find five victims with gunshot wounds throughout the house.

“It appears this maybe spawned from a domestic issue where someone was moving out of the house or something to that effect. It’s stemming from some type of domestic issue,” Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Director Mike Bruno was reported as saying by News4Jax.


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