Joanne The Scammer may have to talk to John Taylor and get these scamming tips because the 46-year-old man reportedly swindled nearly $360K from at least 15 different women.

According to sources Taylor allegedly tricked women from all over the United States into giving him their personal and banking information then running up tabs on their credit cards. Several of them are reported to have been romantically involved with him.

He alluded to be a businessman and oil tycoon while running game to get those digits–and not phone numbers.

One woman threatened to take legal action against him but he shut her down quick by threatening to send her nudes he acquired from her to her boss.

He was arrested Wednesday and is held without bail until his Court appearance Jan. 4th. He has been charged with aggravated identity theft, threatening interstate, fraud, and bank fraud.

Cut the foolery–honestly. Truly.


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