Jamaican Man THREATENS TO KIDNAP and R@PE Woman!

A man that can only be identified as Kreshna Pessoa, is seen here threatening a female to have he kidnapped and raped.

Its also alleged that this man was jailed for raping a 14 year old girl few years ago.


the kidnappers are in Trelawny at this moment they are driving a grey car with a old man at the front and the same young man what me see everyone sharing on fb n WhatsApp brown ┬áman with corn row hair in d front seat he’s d driver!!!! one of my family members just saw them begging two young girls who was at the bus stop at Martha brae seeking drive and them stop a beg them to come in d car!!! n the two little girls were saying no me no know u and them still a insist same time one of my family member ride closer to d car n them drive off!!! To wake field way…I feel scared n me want cry cold bump fill my skin as I write this message!! Please me a beg unuh be careful okay!! My sister just called the Falmouth station n report it but sadly them never get the license plate number…PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE PLEASE!!!???? OH GOD HAVE MERCY!!! Them heading Wakefield way don’t know if a bay them ago back but it’s a good thing one of my family was riding towards that way cause the road lonely now and maybe them would a grab the two little girls if him never there!! PLEASE SHARE!


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