What do Jamaica and Peru have in common?

Well, probably more than you would think, it turns out that Jamaica and Peru share a similar style of shopping bags, or what Jamaicans call, “market bags” in common.

The shopping bag has been the source of controversy as many Jamaicans and Peruvians social media users ‘got their fingers’ riled up as to the origins/source of inspiration behind the bag.

The online conversation took flight as a photo of a large red and white shopping bag, launched by Louis Vuitton in their “Street PM 200” campaign surfaced online.

Peruvian users who saw the photo of the bag online thought it had a striking resemblance to a bag known in Peru as “bolsita de rafia”, while many Jamaicans argued that it strongly resembled their “market bag”.

However other’s weighing in on the conversation asserted that brand-name designer, Celine, had made a similar bag earlier, as well as the style closely resembles UK laundry bags.

We’ll probably never know which nationality, The “Jamaican market bag” or maybe the Peruvian version, or “what”, maybe UK laundry bags, was the inspiration behind the luxury bag maker’s shopping bag design.

However, the Louis Vuitton bag at the centre of the conversation retails for US$984, which is around 100,000JMD.


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