Babsy Grange played almost strictly dubs started off with a Portia Simpson Miller jingle “Mi nuh fraid a nuh bwoy, nuh gyal nowhere,” followed by Sizzla’s Solid As A Rock, then Junior Reid’s One Blood and Greetings by Half Pint.


babsy and kari


She then made her speech “A me a Shabba Ranks mumma, a me name Babsy, am a peaceful woman, but know this,” then her selector squeezed Shabba Ranks Shine And Criss, followed by Tarrus Riley’s Good Girl Gone Bad dubplate.
Babsy Grange ended the round with Tommy Lee Sparta’s Someboy dub-plate, followed by Shook from the Uncle Demon deejay, also on dub-plate.

KARI Douglas, daughter of PNP Easton Douglas kicked off her effort with Harry Toddler’s dub-plate ‘How Many Sound’ followed by Vybz Kartel’s ‘My Scheme’ and Black Ryno’s ‘Diss The Link’.

She later received strong responses for her selections and sexy dance moves but her supporting DJ was not as clean as Babsy’s and that seemed to be a major setback.
Her DJ also played songs that were already played during Babsy’s set, hence she was penalized.

The 45 round saw Babsy dressed for hunting stating. “Kari come up ya like a go-go thing. This is dancehall, a me Babsy buss Shabba, a me buss Cobra”. before playing Mad Cobra’s Press Trigger, which had the club in a frenzy.

Babsy later stated “Mi a deal with a little girl, suh mi bring a pram and pampers,” while bringing stroller and a pack of diapers onstage. She then followed the gimmick with a damaging Vybz Kartel 45, in which Kartel sangGive dem some pampers cause mi know dem a baby”. Patrons roared in approval.

Kari responded stating. “Mi nuh inna nuh play thing tonight,” she bellowed and went for Mad Cobra’s Teeth A Pull, the crowd rewarded her handsomely.

Babsy Grange who was now firmly stated “Mi wi clash yu and kill yu anywhere Portland, Kingston… but tonight yu a dead a Portmore,” then played the classic Call The Hearse dub-plate by Bushman.

Kari, who did not change this time around, aimed to punch holes in Babsy’s music industry resume. “Yu sey yu buss Shabba and Cobra and none a dem nuh dah yah tonight? Yu nuh see sey dem nuh rate yu,” she said and played an old school Bounty Killer dub-plate.

Babsy responded with Demarco’s Good Book but Kari then brought out a nurse with hospital supplies for Babsy Grange stating that the veteran did not have the stamina to defeat her. She then played an Anger Management medley effort featuring Bling Dawg and Sizzla, for which she got a decent response.

Babsy responded with saying it was Kari who needed the wheelchair, she then carried out a mop, while telling the audience that she was going to get rid of the trash onstage.

Babsy concluded with a Queen Ifrica’s dubplate.


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