I was laughing so hard at this story that I accidentally erased his personal info. But at least we were able to hold on to a photo of the man police say ran to them begging for help.

Edit – His name is Alex Bernard…Apparently he is a well known car scammer who sells these vehicles knowing darn well they’re stolen. Yesterday afternoon He was in the vicinity of South Camp road attempting to sell three cars to two of his intended victims.

His victims, after conducting their own investigation, found out that he is a well known scammer from Mobay. Both men confronted the scammer and attempted to drag him away, with plans to deal with him.

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Per witnesses, the man began to holler and kick like a baby then somehow managed to wrestle his way from the grips of both men. He then ran into a nearby police station with the men tow, begging for Officers to protect him from his would be captors. They were all later questioned by police and the scammer was immediately placed under arrest.


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