A cloud of controversy surrounds a central Jamaica high school, after several photos were posted online recently, bearing images of homosexual conduct between a senior member of staff and a younger man.

Information reaching THE STAR is that news of the graphic photos were made public, allegedly after the teacher’s cell phone went missing.

This quickly became a hot topic among students at the institution shortly before the Christmas break.

Our news team understands that several students had the images on their phones due to the heavy circulation.

Initially, It was disclosed that the member of staff in question was the vice-principal at the institution, however, when our news team contacted the school, the bursar told our news team otherwise.

She said, “We do have a Mr … here, however, he is not the vice- principal, he is a member of staff.”

When pressed further about the controversial photos, she said, “I have not seen the images nor am I aware, so I am unable to comment.”

The bursar, when asked if she welcomed the idea of our news team forwarding the disturbing images for the school to view, said, “I would rather have them sent to us from the ministry.”

THE STAR managed to speak with a student at the institution, who claimed to have seen the photos.

That student told our news team that one of the males in the photo was in fact his acting principal, though he was reluctant to say more as he deemed the images too disturbing.

THE STAR was reliably informed that the school board is scheduled to meet today (Wednesday) to discuss the matter.

Our news team further understands that it is to be dealt with at a board level before it goes to the Ministry of Education.


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