I met this guy by the name of Oral Simpson when I just left high school at 17 years of age. It was all good and all smiles till he started to get abusive, he kept hitting me every chance he got. We have been together 2005-2011, I have a daughter for him the only girl out of the 4 kids he got. I was tired of the abuse so in 2011 I got the strength to leave him, not making a lot of money but I chose happiness for me.

About three years after we left I was with someone he was dropping off my daughter and then he came out the car and punched me in my face, and remember I am in a new relationship.

This man don’t want me to move on with my life now I’m 4 months pregnant and he attacked me because I chose the health of my pregnancy over have to deal with him. He uses money to try and control me spitting my daughter, I’m a single mom so anything he wants to give I would take but it always comes with a price. Honestly he loves his daughter but hate that I have moved on, he sends money when he feels like thinking he’s spitting me again.


I try to explain it’s not about me its about her. I’m not going to make it look like I’m a victim, but I’m not gonna make no man beat me and stand up and take it pregnant or nah. He doesn’t live in Jamaica that is why I think he is untouchable, but God see and know my cry is not gonna come in vain neither is my daughter’s tears. Now this man pushed his way inside my house and started hitting me in my head with a rock, my daughter was fighting him and the his sister hit my child. I have been to the doctor and reported it to the POLICE STATION. I really do hope he gets what he’s looking for.

If y’all want to help me, please help me share his photo. I made a report to the WATERFORD POLICE STATION, I might be 4 months pregnant but I did not back down. His name is Oral Simpson and he lives in Boston Massachusetts, I left this man 6 years now and he still feels like he should control me. He has money but he does not have me, i’m one of the good ones that work for her own so no man caah red my eye wid money. Please help me share before he goes back home. Thanks for all the support.


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