A Jamaican woman bared it all for Facebook in a video showcasing what radiation therapy used to treat her breast cancer has done to the appearance of her body.

Shirley Harrison, in a just over one minute long video, showed women what her body looked like after radiation therapy, which uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells.

Harrison said the aim of the video was to encourage women to take preventative measures, such as going for  mammography screenings for breast cancer and other tests and checks. She believes that by showing the terrible looking results of her cancer treatment, she may spawn more women into action, to take care of themselves and get screened.

harrison-shirley-_ugly-side_-of_-cancer“I can’t stress enough, how me want unno fi do unno checks,”said Harrison, adding“Me want unno see this, this is what cancer do.”

Harrison noted that she doesn’t want any Jamaican woman to go through what she has gone through.

“It look terrible don’t ? If this a what it ago tek fi unno run go do unno mammogram and unno check, I have to do this,” she said.


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