Janet Jackson defied the odds to get pregnant at age 50, but according to an insider, she’s been acting “absolutely miserable!”

“It seems like she is just not loving this as much as she thought she would,” said the source.

Recent photos of Jackson’s burgeoning bump proved she’s packing on healthy pregnancy pounds, and the source said Jackson seems a little scared “that she will never be able to get her old body back.”

“She’s constantly commenting on how big she’s gotten and, although her family tells her that it is just baby weight and will go away, she doesn’t seem to believe it,” said the source.

As Radar previously reported, this past year has not been the easiest on the iconic pop singer — she had to cancel her “Unbreakable” world tour to focus on her health after undergoing surgery to remove a terrifying throat tumor.

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“Janet is just acting super emotional right now,” the insider added.

But with the baby reportedly due next month, the hard part will be over soon!


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