Members of The Jamaica Defense Force were left saddened and baffled at the passing of one of their recruits that died while in training.

An investigation has been launched to ascertain what had transpired to cause the lost of life .

According to the Jamaica Defense Force –  The recruit, 22-year-old Romario McLeod of Longbough District in Clarendon, got into difficulties in the pool.

It is said that trained lifeguards helped him from the water and he was given on-the-spot first aid by JDF medical staff before being placed in an ambulance and taken to the nearby JDF medical post for further treatment.

However, despite the efforts of the medical staff, Recruit McLeod did not recover and was pronounced dead.

“It is standard procedure for us to conduct an immediate inquiry and to facilitate the necessary investigations in order to ascertain the actual circumstances and cause of death”said Major Basil Jarrett, Civil Military Cooperation and Media Affairs Officer for the JDF.




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