Paparazzi Jamaica – It’s surely a sad time in our nation of Jamaica, we’ve just discovered reports of a sad, gruesome slaughtering of a woman and her young child in which we understand that the young child wasn’t even able to creep.

Reports from sources close to the victims were that this was a man and wife jealousy dispute. Sources said “The man, who brutally killed his baby mother and months old son did this because he heard that the child was not his and that the woman was conning him and fooling him that her son was his.”

We tried to gather as much information as possible on the victims but we could not get the names of the victims nor the jealous killer. Paparazzi Jamaica also understands that family members will be making a report to the police so they can start an island wide search for the killer.

It is truly sad, why do men kill woman over jealousy? why can’t men just act like men and move on an do the right thing “Thou shall not kill” has the world forgotten that scripture?. Although senseless murdering has become a natural act in the world nowadays but why murder a woman and a defenseless child?. It’s really a sad time in our nation :'(

Below we provided links to the graphic images of the senseless slaughter of the two, fair warning, the images below are very disturbing to most viewers please proceed with caution.



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