We have a theory, we think the government knowingly imported Plastic Rice into the country to reduce government food importation cost while profiting highly for the Christmas season.

Based on knowledge, the government imports majority of the rice needed for the economy and they chose to cheapen out this shipment in order to save a little this Christmas season. We the consumers now can only complain seeing that it’s a mixture of real rice and fake rice which we can’t bring back to the supermarket after cooking.

jlp-fake-riceWe know our Jamaican government is low and corrupt but we didn’t know they would allow such an devious act to save back some funds.

But okay, Let’s say they had nothing to do with it right? Shouldn’t they have beefed up security down by the Jamaican Warf to check imports of Rice grains entering the country to ensure quality ? Hmmmm…

We can only assume, not sure who to point fingers at but they need to do better! someone has already died from this Plastic Rice incident.

BREAKING: 68 Year Old Woman DEAD After Eating Fake/Plastic Rice

We expect much more from the government and I can place a BET that they’ll only say something when it’s too late…

Also, we’ve gotten word that popular restaurants in the island are trying to perfect the method on how to cook the rice without people noticing in order to cut cost. Story below:

Popular Restaurants in Jamaica Learning “How To Properly Cook Plastic Rice” — They Can’t AFFORD To Lose Their Money!

Beware of the food you eat, stir your rice thoroughly to ensure you are cooking real rice before serving.

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