Reports out of Hollywood are spiraling since rumors started about Justin Bieber may receive a Star role in the popular film, Fast 8, reports are that the film is set to start production soon and a release date should be in 2017.

Reports also stated that the production team of Fast 8 is currently seeking a Fresh & Lovable face for the new role in the film and claims are that Justin Beiber is on top of the list.


Based on what we heard, due to the death of Paul Walker they want to keep Fast & Furious series relevant with the absence of him, Although these claims may not be true but what are your thoughts if Justin Beiber should play a role in the Highly anticipated film?

We have also found a old Fan made Trailer of Justin Beiber featured in the Fast and Furious series, take a look below:

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  1. I think Bieber is totally right for Walker’s role, and am surprised they didn’t splice him into F&F 7 to pick up the rest of the scenes.


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