Justin Beiber celebrates his Birthday in Miami accompanied by Lira Galore (Drakes ex) DJ Khaled, and DJ mustard

Last night at Ivy Night Club in Miami DJ Khaled hosted #VarsityFridays, their weekly Friday SoirĂ©e on Miami Beach. A popular hotspot for celebrities, it’s no surprise Justin Beiber decided to hit IVY for his birthday and of course, Justin’s favorite city: Miami.

As we recall, it was just about a year ago Justin was arrested after driving his Lamborghini recklessly up and down South Beach after leaving another one of Varsity’s parties.

Last time we saw him he was partying hard, shirt off an all, grabbing butts and taking names! Well, just last night Justin showed up to yet another Varsity Party, seemingly on his best behavior! Although recently celebrating the big 21, he was not up to his usual antics and sat inconspicuously in a corner accompanied by known socialite Lira Galore (also linked to Drake).


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