This week, Beliebers around the world were completely shocked when the pop star cancelled all future meet and greets during his current tour.

The move was uncharacteristic of Justin who usually carves out time every day to sign autographs and mingle with fans, but after a few scary incidents his management team is beginning to worry about his safety.


A source close to the Bieber team confirms that an incident on March 21st in Los Angeles was the straw that broke the camels back. His security team was panicked when the unspeakable happened backstage after a show…

Unbeknownst to Justin’s security team, a fan that was on the “watch list” managed to bypass bouncers and get within 10 feet of JB without anyone knowing. From where she was standing and the clear path before her, she could have tackled JB to the ground. This is especially worrying because this fan got on the “watch list” after exhibiting dangerous and obsessive behavior when near the “Sorry” singer.


In the end, nothing happened to Justin but this close call was enough to throw his management team into a frenzy. They can’t and won’t take any more chances with Justin’s life. In order to secure his safety, it’s important that they limit his exposure to risky and potentially hurtful situations.


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