Kanye West, 38, never fails to entertain us when he goes on one of his stream of consciousness Twitter rants, and boy did he let off some steam on March 22. While he was actually in a pretty good mood, he admitted he sometimes can’t help himself when it comes to being an “a**hole” and this time it was over using exclamation points.

While waxing poetic about the “truth,” love, freedom, artistry and other things, he also let us in on the fact that he cannot stand the use of exclamation points. We figure with the amount of rage he sometimes lets loose in his more epic Twitter rants, that would be his favorite punctuation mark, but no. It turns out he loathes them – though he doesn’t hate them because he can’t stand the word “hate” either! Oh such nuggets of Yeezy’s mind that get revealed every time he goes off on social media!

But then things quickly devolved into one of his all over the place rants. Yeezy admitted that he’s human after all, and is prone to messing up sometimes. “Everyone has made mistakes. I just make them in public,” he revealed just before telling his followers “I love you guys.” He also bizarrely praised the paparazzi while being grateful for having a social media platform by commenting “thank God for paps thank God for social media.” Oh Kanye, never change


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