Ready for this? Well, a new report claims that Kim’s delivery room was much like a very popular scene in a VERY popular Disney movie — that we all love. Her proud husband Kanye, reportedly raised their newborn son Saint, high above his head right after the child was born. Wait, what? “It was exactly like the beginning of The Lion King,” a family source told InTouch magazine. “It was really weird — all of Kanye’s attention was on Saint.”

The weirdness didn’t stop there. The insider went on to say, “He [Kanye] started saying that he believes Saint is a prophet sent by his late mother [Donda] to deliver truth to the world.” We literally can’t fathom this right now. The source also added that he referred to his son as a pharaoh. “Kanye’s so obsessed with Saint that Kim’s worried he won’t need her anymore.” All we can say is, poor North West.

Kanye West, 38, is known for his outrageous acts on and off the stage. A new report claims that the singer has done something even more crazier than we’d ever expect, right after Kim Kardashian, 35, delivered his son Saint West on Dec. 5.




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