Kanye West will ANNOUNCE this week that he’s releasing his NEW album entitled SWISH – as an iTUNES EXCLUSIVE. Why an iTunes EXCLUSIVE and not a TIDAL exclusive like Rihanna, Nicki, and Jay and Bey are all doing? Well . . . because Kanye DESPISES JAY Z right about now.

The insider explained, “Kanye is upset because he feels that Jay Z has not been “RESPECTING” him nor his wife Kim. It all started when Jay and Bey REFUSED to attend Kimye’s wedding, explains our snitch. The very WELL CONNECTED insider explained, “Kanye thinks he and Kim are like John and Jackie Kennedy, he’s completely delusional. He doesn’t understand why Jay and Bey want NOTHING TO DO with his wife and her family.”

Well Kanye, being the EMOTIONAL dude that he is . . . found a way to try and “GET BACK” at Jay. He went to APPLE iTunes, and negotiated an “EXCLUSIVE” album deal with them.

BTW – the APPLE RELEASE is NOT just rumors . . . it’s FACTS. Our snitch claims they got THAT INFO, from Kanye’s producer Hudson Mohawke.


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