The cousin, Ricky Anderson, works at Kanye’s label, GOOD Music, in L.A. A source said the child, Avery, died in his sleep. There was no previous sign of illness or distress.

Ricky wrote, “Today was the worst day of my life! I lost my lil man and gained an angel! Rest in Paradise!!! I love you man.”

Avery had just celebrated his 1st birthday.

Some are saying that Kanye has made another sacrifice like he had sacrificed his mother in 2007.

Kanye West’s blame on himself is absolutely heartbreaking.

The rapper was asked what he had to sacrifice for his success and he responded, “my mom.”

“If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive,” he said. “I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”

Kanye’s mother Donda died in 2007 from heart disease while suffering complications following plastic surgery. She was 58.


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