Before Kim Kardashian leaves the house on a typical day, “There will be numerous outfit changes, at least five or six if Kanyeis there,” an insider told Radar. “Kim will either tell one of her assistants to fetch more clothes from the massive closet, or she will do it herself.”┬áBut after, “Kim will discard the clothes on the floor, and never bother to hang them back up!” the source claimed.


And the assistants better restock her closet right, the source claimed: “Kim is very particular about how she wants sweaters folded, and in one incident, a staffer didnt do it up to her standards, so Kim took one sweater out of the middle of the stack, completely messing up what was just done!”


Sister Khloe recently posted a video to her paid app, showing off the pristine containers of food organized in her pantry. But the source claimed she wasn’t the one who organized them! “Khloe doesn’t lift a finger at her house!” the insider said. “She just barks orders at her assistant and housekeepers to have the cookies and other goodies displayed so that they will look good on camera.”

The insider claimed, “If the junk food isn’t displayed the way Khloe wants, she will dump it upside down and make them do it all over again.”

However, the insider said she’s a better closet queen than her sister Kim. “Khloe’s closet isn’t as bad as Kim’s and she has given some of her clothes away to staffers since she lost weight,” said the insider.


Oldest sister Kourtney is “probably the most organized on her own, but is overly obsessive about her three kids’ stuff,” the insider claimed. “There is a team of two girls in Kourtney’s household that all they do all day is pick up after the kids. As soon as they get done cleaning up toys in the playroom, either Penelope or Mason

“They are kids, but it’s absolutely exhausting for the staff and Kourtney is always on the intercom, telling them where the next mess that needs to be cleaned up,” the insider claimed.

Overall, however, their behavior is an improvement from their early days, according to the source. Before the sisters gained fame on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “they were total slobs,” the insider said. “Kim was the worst. She would leave clothes all over her condo and it would be Kris that would come over and clean up after her.”

“They couldn’t afford a full-time housekeeper and Kim was trying to find a man,” said the insider. “Kris told her no man would want to marry a woman that wouldn’t even pick clothes up off the floor!”



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