Dancehall shades room once again picks up possible drama on their radar with popular dancehall artist Popcaan
along with two female associates Dancehall queen Sher and Renee Six thirty.

This seem’s to be a new movement for the unruly boss to be rolling with those two girls. Kavel Keir was tagged by dancehall shades room asking if she was the one in the back seat well it was obvious that it was not her so it was just to grab her attention.

Kavel Keir did not respond to the question asked by well-known gossip source (DHSR) but she could still be upset about this recent move by her boyfriend (Popcaan).

Popcaan CHEATING on Kavell Keir with Renee SixThirty? .. We have PROOF!

but we all know Kavel Keir don’t do drama so Popcaan might be confronted off social media.



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