These days, it’s kind of rare to see people who are really willing to settle down and be with someone forever. In a world full of side chicks and cheaters, it seems like the idea of true love is becoming a distant memory for most people.

With that being said, it’s always great to see a couple, especially a celebrity couple, who’s willing to take their relationship seriously, and aren’t proud to share their love.

With that being said, fans were excited last summer when Kevin Hart proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Eniko Parrish.

Those who have been following the couple know that they have something special, and it’s great to see them taking the next step towards a lifelong future together. However, ever since their engagement, many people have been wondering when the couple would officially announce their wedding date.

Well, the wait is over – and Kevin has finally shared the couple’s wedding date. As you can imagine, all the real planning has been left to his finance, and Kevin doesn’t have any details on what the wedding will be like. But with Eniko in charge, there’s no doubt the wedding planning is in good hands.


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