The reality star wants a paycheck for the pic.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are arguing over how to release the first picture of their newborn son Saint.

While the reality star, 35, is hoping to show off her baby boy in a glossy magazine spread, her rapper husband wants to do something “unique and artistic” for Saint’s debut.

As per usual, the mother of two has money on her mind.

“Kim wants to do something in an entertainment magazine with a huge paycheck attached to it,” the source explained. “But for Kanye, the introduction of his son to the world is a very big deal. He wants it to be over the top and unusual.”

When the couple decided to release the first photo of daughter Northfollowing her June 2013 birth, they gave momager Kris Jenner the honors of revealing the adorable shot on her talk show.

Despite the hype, the show was canceled soon after.

“Kim felt a ton of money was left on the table, and doesn’t want to do something like that again,” the source revealed.

The fight over Saint’s public debut is just the latest drama in the image-obsessed couple’s very public relationship.

“Every decision is made after thoughtful planning,” the insider said. “Their entire lives are choreographed down to the minute, and now this baby boy will be sucked into that world.”


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