Paparazzi Jamaica just received some sad news that Kim and Kanye had to rush their newborn Saint to the hospital.

Saint West was born on the 5th of December with uncertainty about his name until Kim remembered the difficulties she had been through with this pregnancy and Kanye’s whole drama “Lion King” Style in the delivery room. really…its just an irony.

But early this morning Kim and Kanye could be seen pulled over by the police for speeding, with the explanation of an emergency due to Baby Saint falling ill.

Kim Kardashian pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles. November 12, 2013

The couple was then escorted to the hospital where they could be seen rushing inside with Saint. The press was unable to get any information on what had happened.

A source however told the press that Saint came down with a fever last night and was really cranky, leaving the sleepless household really concerned and frustrated.

However latest update received was that Saint had apparently caught a bug but would be quite fine with some fever medicine, rest and lots of love.

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