Kim Kardashian Caught Sucking On A Pipe Shaped Like a MAN’S PENIS.

Kim Kardashian gulps down clouds of smoke from a suspicious cigarette and happily sucks on a pipe in a shocking never-before-seen home movie exclusively obtained by Watch how she REALLY gets down on camera when Kris Jenner isn’t the one doing the editing!

Kardashian has always claimed to be the straight-edged KUWTK sister, insisting, “I’ve never gotten into drugs.” But a video filmed during her 23rd birthday getaway with then-boyfriend Ray J shows she wasn’t always above a good party.

The footage begins with Kardashian giggling as Ray J presents her with a pipe – in the shape of male genitalia!

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Filmed in October 2003, during the same Cabo San Lucas vacation that saw the filming of the couple’s infamous sex tape, this clip reveals Kardashian at her wildest ever – long before she’d become a mom, mogul, and wife to Kanye West.


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