“Kanye’s so obsessed with Saint that Kim’s worried he won’t need her anymore.” a source revealed.

Kanye West Raised Son Saint

The beginning of something great is what Kanye sees and he’s not hesitating to ensure that Saint lives up to his name.

The insider went on to say, “He [Kanye] started saying that he believes Saint is a prophet sent by his late mother [Donda] to deliver truth to the world.”

Firstly, a boy baby means a lot in men’s eyes for various reasons…but in Kanye’s eyes, its that his name will live on to great things and be known. But is this too much for this innocent life which has no idea of what’s to come??? High expectations for this little guy. Kim has every reason to be worried, not only about her self in terms of her relationship with Kanye, but for Saint’s mental and emotional health. This has now become a cause for sum serious concern. Would Kanye run off with Saint?


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