Scott Disick, 32, is going to have to face the wrath of Kim and Khloe Kardashian for bringing a new model girlfriend into the spotlight. The sister of Scott’s ex Kourtney are reportedly completely “pissed off” by the news that he’s dating Lina Sandberg. Here’s what we know.

Kim and Khloe are not going to sit idly by while Scott brings a parade of models around Kourtney. And whether or not that’s what he’s doing with Lina, they’re not standing for it. “Khloe and Kim know about it and are pissed off because they are overprotective of Kourtney,” a source tells E! News.

Perhaps what Lina and Scott have could evolve into something more serious, but none of the Kardashian Klan are buying it yet. “None of them are taking it very seriously because it’s just another random girl that Scott is seen running around with,” the source continued. However, so far they don’t have any evidence that would make them think otherwise, since none of the fam has met the girl.

Even Lina herself isn’t completely sold yet, though she’s looking forward to letting the relationship play out organically. “She wants to protect him right now,” another source told E! “She’s very private and loyal. At this point, it’s very casual. She likes him and he likes her and they’re seeing where things go. She’s well aware of Scott’s past and knows ‘he’s going through a lot personally.’ She’s told friends he’s a really good person.”



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