What’s really interesting about this is that just the night before Kendall, Hailey and Kourtney Kardashian all partied together there. The food must be insanely good or they just love the amazing privacy they get there. We were definitely surprised that Kourt and Hailey hung out together considering their Justin Bieber connection but a source says that it was actually Kendall’s idea for them to all get together.

“Neither Kourtney or Hailey were really into the idea at first, but they couldn’t say no to Kendall,” a source tells us. “Plus Kourtney has been acting like its no big deal that Hailey was all lovey dovey with Justin on their tropical island getaway.” The source goes on to say that Kourtney was totally into Kendall’s idea. “She actually wanted Justin to see them all out together to prove that she’s not bothered by him. Kourtney made a point of looking ultra sexy because she knew Justin would eventually see the photos. She wanted to outshine Hailey and show Justin what he’s been missing.”

The three girl (or should we say women)  had a heck of a night on the town. They all got dolled up, looked hotter than ever, and took The Nice Guy for all it was worth. Justin is probably wishing that he had been invited, too!


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