Mother of three Kourtney Kardashian has a FANTASTIC body – but since the reality star started hooking up with the Justin Bieber, Kourtney has been feeling a little insecure and has started a GRUELING diet and exercise regime to get her fighting fit for 2016!

Why is Kourtney Feeling SO Insecure?


Sources say although Kourtney is extremely flattered that she has the attention of the “Prince of Pop” but she’s well aware of the 15 YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE between her and Justin. After having three children Kourtney can sometimes feel tired and run down and wants to keep up with Bieber!

Isn’t it usually the public trying to “keep up” with the Kardashians?

Kourtney is also worried after seeing Justin’s jaw – dropping reaction to ex girlfriend Selena Gomez’s flawless figure in her sexy new video for “Hands To Myself.”


Kourtney knows Justin will always have a soft spot for Selena, but seeing Selena’s tight abs made Kourtney get serious about her fitness regime! Kourtney has a stunning figure and after three children she certainly has a body most woman would die for!


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