The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), has passed a motion to pay $250,000 to anyone who can aid in the arrest and conviction of the persons who recently set fire to the Riverton City landfill, in St. Andrew.

According to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Councillor for the Hagley Park Division, Nenna Wilson, noted that the fire, which lasted for some three weeks, negatively impacted education, health, and business operations in at least four parishes, and the KSAC must take a stand to protect the people from future incidents.

“The seriousness of this matter warrants the reward of $250,000. We cannot allow this wanton disregard for law and order to go unnoticed. It must stop; we cannot allow thugs to overrun this municipality,” she said.

“This is why I seek the support of you my colleagues, to find the persons who burn Riverton, and let them answer to the law,” Councillor Wilson, who is also Chairman of the Public Health Committee at the KSAC, told the meeting.

Councillor for the Whitfield Town Division, Eugene Kelly, said the act of lighting the fire was ill intentioned, and did damage to the economy of Jamaica.

“The Riverton City Disposal site is owned by the KSAC, it is our facility, so we are duty bound to find the perpetrators of this dastardly act,” he said.

Councillor for the While Hall Division, Lee Clarke, said his preference was for the money to go towards installation of cameras and water pumps, as he supported a position put forward by Councillor for the Duhaney Park Division, Kevin Taylor.

For his part, Councillor for the Havendale Division, Vernon McLeod, called on residents in the area to say what they know, so that whoever is guilty can pay for the crime.

There is currently a reward of $300,000 from Crime Stop and other partners for anyone can provide information to nab the persons who may have lit the fire.


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