he speculation around the bodies of the Kardashian/Jenner women is never-ending. Breasts, butts, lips, cheeks, noses, all of it is up for debate in the court of public opinion.

Recently, Kylie sat down to discuss her body and what if anything she had enhanced according to PEOPLE.

“[I haven’t had] a$$ implants,” Jenner, 19, says in a Q&A on her app. “You know, I used to be 120 [lbs.]. I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing like 136. But it’s alright, I like the chunkiness.”

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan credits her booty-emphasizing social media posts to knowing what angles are the most flattering.

“I don’t really think I have the fattest a$$, but I know my angles,” she says.

Kylie also dished on whether or not she will get breast implants in the future…

Jenner also denies that she has had breast implants – but says she may consider getting enhancements down the line.

“They’re not big,” she says of her breasts. “I’ve thought about [getting breast implants], but I’m like, why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute little size. I’m not against it, but right now, it’s a no from me.”

You pickin’ up what Kylie is puttin’ down?

Flip the page to see more pics of Kylie’s personal body party.


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