So this is what Kylie Jenner was shooting in the middle of the desert!

Just days after photos surfaced earlier this week showing the reality TV star filming a mysterious music video, the clip is here — and it’s pretty crazy.

No … she’s not launching a music career (yet anyway). Instead, the three-minute spot is promoting her new line of lip gloss, which goes on sale Friday, April 1.

The video starts with Jenner driving her Rolls Royce through the desert, sporting a Louis Vuitton headscarf, reptile-print crop-top and matching, skin-tight pants. She pulls up in front of a motel, where some kind of trade is going on inside.

Out of nowhere, the video takes a violent turn — as the women turn on the men, holding them up for their cash. Kylie continues to wait in the getaway car, texting, upgrading her outfit and popping bubbles, before her gang runs out and jumps in. They drive off, throwing some of the money in the air as they speed away.

The video ends with the women getting arrested, as they’re seen in a police lineup.


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