It’s pretty clear that Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna do not like each other. For years now they’ve been publicly and privately fighting over Tyga.

But the war between Tyga’s baby mama and his current lady just got taken to a whole new level! Yesterday a scandalous tape leaked online of Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni… and apparently it was put there by Kylie Jenner’s team because of Kylie’s jealousy!


The tape shows Tokyo Toni in all sorts of compromising positions, making it pretty clear where Chyna got her “best assets”.

A source close to Kylie says that she obtained the tape and paid a member of her team to leak it online as a way to embarrass Chyna.

Apparently Chyna has been trying to get back with Tyga for months now and a series of late night texts was the last straw for Kylie. While Chyna try to get revenge now? If you’re interested, you can see the graphic tape over at Mediatakeout!


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