As Kylie Jenner gets older, rumors of plastic surgery have cropped up more and more as her looks have changed and evolved.

Of course, some of the changes in Kylie’s appearance can easily be explained by puberty, but now that Kylie’s almost 18, the latest developments can’t possibly be attributed to that reason, right?

In a photo and a video Kylie shared on Instagram over the weekend, she showed off what her mama gave her — or possibly, what a doctor gave her. Is this just good genetics at play, or did Kylie receive a surgical boost?

FireShot Capture - Kylie Jenner Shows Off Cleavage — Spark_ t

In the past, Kylie’s denied rumors of a boob job, but who knows if she’s telling the truth (and not that she has to explain anything about her breasts, anyway). After all, she denied rumors that she’d gotten her lips done and attributed them to creative makeup, only to later admit that she did, in fact, get temporary lip fillers.



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