Kylie Jenner is kicking off 2016 with even more drama between her and Tyga. The 18-year-old reality star is upset because a source says that she “doesn’t need” this kind of drama in her life. Although our source tells us that she’s trying to stand by her man, it’s sort of difficult considering his manager just admitted that he was texting with Molly O’Malia, the 14-year-old aspiring model.

“This sort of sh** is exactly what Kylie doesn’t need in her life,” a source says. “Obviously, she’s talking to Tyga about these claims from this teenager and is getting to the bottom of what’s really going on. She’s doing her best not to be judgmental or assume anything. She’s giving Tyga the benefit of the doubt. She’s not mad as of yet – she’s just disappointed that four days into the new year drama is already plaguing her relationship. Kris has talked to her, and told her to stay off snapchat for the night but said if she must shoot a video, don’t mention Tyga or these claims.”

We told you that Tyga’s manager Anthony Martini tells TMZ that Tyga’s conversations with Molly were “completely PG” but that Molly told Tyga she was 17. But here’s where things get sticky. The alleged conversations were originally printed in Ok! Magazine and Tyga makes no mention of her music, instead he asks to FaceTime with her three times but she did not. But Tyga’s manager swears that Tyga only reached out because he wanted to help her achieve her aspirations to become a singer. “He’s texted her every day, and he’s tried to FaceTime with her too,” a source told the magazine. “He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can’t wait to hang out with her.”


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