After a week’s war of words between Gully Bop, Mc Nuffy and Tony Matterhorn which in this way prompted Bop’s life partner debilitating a claim against the selector, dancehall puzzle LA Lewis has now joined the contention.

Lewis known for his abnormal conduct for the most part went for earning consideration has dispatched some scrambling allegations against a few amusement identities, every one of whom he esteems to be a group of gay people.

As indicated by Lewis the photograph with Tony Matterhorn and the transvestites are genuine and demonstrates that he is a gay person on the grounds that he actually knows Matterhorn can’t say he was high in light of the fact that he doesn’t expend liquor or smoke pot consequently he comprehended what he was doing.

“Matterhorn mek some man embrace him up I don’t know whether he gave them a penis massage when him leave after the gathering.. individuals mek mi tell yuh something maggie bwoy a fish dem cyah deceive me.”

Not keeping down he ran ever facilitate with the allegations expressing, “Ragashanti, Shebada, Tony Matterhorn Gaygas, Alkaline, Gage, Kalado di entire a dem a b***yman dem prior dead.. ok Jesus Christ mi seh.. Ok Selassie mi seh an Allah ah Buddah mi seh”

Lewis proceeded, “On the off chance that I come an America at this moment no b***yman can’t come a none a mi show.. dem prior get discharge dem back get hack up… … . gays are not people”

In shutting Lewis suggested the conversation starter inquiring as to whether they trust Tony Matterhorn was a full or low maintenance gay person he additionally gave a yell out to Bop’s basic law wife Shauna Chin and cautioned government pastor Damion Crawford to be cautious of the announcements he make openly identifying with gays living beside


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