“This a d boy wey a drive d car a take wey ppl human trafficking
HB 3470 is doing human trafficking!!! He has a gun in his car….please be careful and look out for the number plate.
Pass this around and save a life!”

‘Robot’ Taximen Abducting Women Across Jamaica, Warns Police

The Jamaican police force are now urging the public to be aware of a growing concern for the safety of women, travelling in motor cars being operated by men posing to be official taxi operators.Speaking with RJR News, Superintendent Enid Ross Stewart, head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), explain that there is a concern about the increasing number of women being abducted and raped by men posing as taxi operators.

Man Attempts To Run Over Two Police Officers To Escape Traffic Ticket

Operations have been initiated to track down suspects linked to cases in Kingston and Portmore, St Catherine, which has been the targeted areas for these men.

“Unregulated taxis should not be used by commuters… If they have to take them, make sure they capture the license plate number and send it to somebody so that somebody knows where they are and which car they are in,” a suggestion made by Ross Stewart.

A voice note currently circulating on social media, contains what appears to be a woman being abducted. This has brought the issue to the forefront, because listeners were able to visualize and experience just how traumatizing an incident like this can be.

The authenticity of the voice note has not yet been verified. However, the Superintendent has confirmed that there were two other reported cases of abduction just last week.



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