The queen of dancehall, Lady Saw, has collaborated with Mavado for a single called ‘Cruise Pon Di Stick’.

The song was produced by Claims Records, known for their work with Internet sensation Gully Bop, and according to Lady Saw, the single will be a favourite of dancehall music supporters.

“The song is really good, you are going to love it. When I first did it, I made it very aggressive. then I decided to go sexy with it because the rhythm has a crossover feel to it. I even spoke English in some parts. However, the producers also loved the aggressive verse, so they decided to add that to it,” she said.

The single will be released in the coming days, and marks the first time that Lady Saw has collaborated with Mavado.

“We should have collaborated on a song for my album, but that did not work out until now. We also performed Cruise Pon Di Stick in New York recently, and the response was good,” she said.

The Grammy Award-winning deejay says she is often approached for collaborations. However, she tends to be very selective.

“I am selective with my collaborations. I will collaborate with a young artiste, but you have to be good. I am one of the top-five greatest dancehall artistes, so I have to be certain when I collaborate, regardless if it’s a local or international act,” she said.

A music video for Cruise Pon Di Stick will be filmed in the coming weeks. Lady Saw hopes to film it in Miami, as Mavado is currently based in the US.

Gutty Bling of Claims Records says the song will appeal to the US market because of the cross-over style of the production.

Lady Saw is also promoting her new album, Alter Ego, and will release videos for Whine and other singles to aid with the promotion.

“I am not getting enough support from radio, except for DJ Liquid, Mama Elize, Big A, and a few other people, despite submitting it to the radio libraries. So I am releasing more videos so the people can know about the album,” she said.


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