Lady Saw is known for her slack style, with songs such as “Stab Up De Meat”.

Causing her performances to be banned in some parts of Jamaica, though equally lewd male performances were not.

This prompted her to record “Freedom of Speech” in protest. She enjoyed a big hit in Jamaica with “Hardcore” in 1994, and followed it with “Welding Torch.”

She also recorded “Condom,” warning girls of the dangers of unprotected heterosexual sex.

Over the years fans local and abroad have grown to love and appreciate her, even crowning her “Queen of Dancehall”.

Lady Saw this year became the first woman in history to close Sumfest Dancehall Night, where she was noted the as best performer.

In her first local performance since reigning at Sumfest Dancehall Night, over 2 weeks ago in St Elizabeth, Lady Saw once again has her name on the lips of everyone.

Why? Because she performed only in a shirt and her panty…


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