We here at Paparazzi Jamaica can’t seem to believe what we are seeing, we received images of Alkaline which seemed to be a family get together showing his so called Tattooed eyes not looking so Tattooed at all from a reliable source which asked us to keep his identity unknown to the public.

One of Jamaica’s most popular Dancehall artiste Alkaline who is popularly known for Tattooing his eyes and it also gave him the boost in his career to show off his lyrical talent but fans still doubt that his eyes were actually Tattooed but now there’s proof.


The unknown source provided us with (2) images of the Dancehall entertainer where he was spending time with his family and i guess thought that these images wouldn’t have leaked, above you’ll see the first image which he’s standing with a toddler which could be some relative.

Now, we know your pretty shocked by that image and so are we but we have one more picture to show you guys where the entertainer is on a rooftop with a female and if you look you will see once again that his eyes are not Tattooed.


Well now i can bet you still can’t believe right well neither can we but they look like pretty legit images and we had someone inspect the images and they came to the conclusion that the image is real and not edited in any way.

What will be Alkaline’s excuse for this one? .. You may leave all your comments below and remember to SHARE this article.


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