Lincoln 3Dot took it to the studio as his beef with Foota Hype over Ishawna continues.

The feud between the two started earlier this week when 3dot told fans on his Instagram live that Foota and his upcoming Dancehall artist Fully Bad were recently assaulted by cops.

Foota then refuted his claims saying he was lying while adding that Lincoln’s statements came after the two had a verbal altercation over his baby mama Ishawna.

According to Foota, Lincoln said he slept with Ishawna however his actions suggested he was upset it wasn’t him. The “Powaful” singer later stated that he was joking when he told Foota he had sex with Ishawna however it was a little too late.

Since then they’ve been taking jabs at each other on their Instagram Live vidoes. On Thursday Lincoln dropped a diss track titled “Dem Ah Pree” aimed at Foota.


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