Tyga, 26, sure likes to share the intimate details of his romance with Kylie Jenner, 18, doesn’t he? The rapper dropped a post-New Year’s song in which he calls Kylie his very own Grammy… and totally disses his exes (ahem, Blac Chyna) by referring to them as just “nominees.” Burn!

“Ugh, she gonna do it for a promise ring / P–sy every night, remember what you promised me?” That is just one of the many, many dirty lines from Tyga’s new song, “Gone Too Far,” which should just be called “Ode To King Kylie.” Just a warning: this song is NSFW!

“You my Grammy, all them other hoes nominees / I was never honest to them other hoes, honestly / Sex in the shower, see you wet and my diamonds clean,” the rapper continues. However, one of the most stand out lines in the song is when Tyga says, “She could get fat like Oprah, as long as she gives back like Oprah.” Romance is not dead, people!


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